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Invest in your team:

Build better competencies

We support the development of your international talent in English and Japanese delivering:

  • Experienced executives with MBA faculty experience;

  • Quality programs, satisfaction guaranteed;

  • Tailored to the specific needs of your people and industry. 

Start a conversation today. We’ll listen:

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I'm a consultant and professor based in Tokyo, providing talent development through executive education while teaching at university. In addition, I work closely with KyodoPR  in media training and public relations. Most recently, I wrote a book on critical analysis and how improve problem solving for business.

​Upcoming courses and seminars

Spring 2024

Problem Solving for Managers, Temple Continuing Education


Autumn 2023

Preview MBA: MBA in 10 Days, Temple Continuing Education

​Summer 2023

Critical Thinking Skills,

​Temple Continuing Education

Problem Solving for Managers, Temple Continuing Education

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